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Are you ready to close complex deals quickly, negotiate stronger contracts, and still stay sane?

….Then you are ready to work with Nyden on Negotiation because whether you realize it or not, you and your team are being asked to do work that lawyers performed a generation ago.
Does this sound familiar?
  • Contractual complexity keeps increasing—along with your workload.
  • You and your team feel frustrated and overwhelmed.
  • Top talent is moving on, leaving a significant skills gap, and everyone is stretched thin.
  • You know you must dramatically enhance negotiation skills, but no one on staff is properly trained.
  • You and your team have a stack of “stuck” deals that drain your resources.
  • A complex contract needs re-negotiating, and your company needs to secure the best terms, but you and your team lack the resources and confidence to do it right.

If so, then you realize that you and your organization needs a top-tier contract negotiation skills program to upskill you and your team, but don’t have the trainers or expertise to roll it out internally. But that’s ok. 

Jeanette Nyden

Training non-lawyers to negotiate complex contracts with nuance, accuracy and confidence to reach agreements that are fair, balanced and risk-free.


Nyden on Negotiation trains non-lawyers to negotiate fair, balanced, and risk-free agreements. We provide both turn-key and tailored learning programs to both Sales and Procurement Professionals.


I love speaking/working with you because of your ability to simplify and explain a complex situation with relatable descriptions. You keep my pencil sharp.

Supervisor, Procurement, Fortune 500 Utility